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Bottega Emiliana

"A certainty for those who want good products from Emilia Romagna"

Bottega Emiliana staff

Let me introduce myself, I am Alessandro Mattioli, creator of Emilia Gourmet.

After enormous research work in the field in our territory, we have managed to offer all our consumers an offer of products entirely focused on Emilia-Romagna that has never been seen before.

I and those who work daily at Emilia Gourmet select and research the best local excellences to always offer you the best.

Sometimes some products may be missing from our shop, but this is only because it is not the right season to sell that particular type of product.

For us what matters primarily is the quality and goodness of our products.

Putting together such a wide range was not easy, especially when it comes to excellence that has nothing to do with large-scale distribution.

By purchasing from Emilia Gourmet you are sure of the origin, authenticity, goodness and above all of a short supply chain made up exclusively of small producers.

vendita prodotti Emilia Romagna
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